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"Spreek jý met die kinders van Israel en sê: Julle moet sekerlik my sabbatte onderhou, want dit is 'n teken tussen My en julle in julle geslagte, sodat die mense kan weet dat Ek die HERE is wat julle heilig." EXODUS 31:13

Studies rondom die Rusdag van die Here:


Hierdie is studies wat u sal antwoord op meeste van die verskillende vraagstukke rondom die ware Rusdag van die Here.


Mag dit vir u tot seën wees.


Beskikbare bronne:


Ander vrae en antwoorde:

Op watter Bybelse grondslag berus Sondagviering?

Het Jesus die Sabbat Gebod Gebreek?

Is ons steeds onder die wet?


Kan die ware sewende dag opgespoor word?

Kan ons nie enige ander dag van die week heilig hou nie?

Kan ons nie op die Sabbat rus en op die Sondag aanbid nie?

Beteken Hebreërs 4 nie dat Jesus ons Sabbat rus is nie?

Verdere vrae en antwoorde in Engels:

Doesn't Colossians 2:14 wipe out the weekly Sabbath?

Hasn't the calendar been changed?

Is it possible to obey the law?

Isn't 1 Corinthians 16:1–3 proof that the Sabbath was changed to Sunday?

Isn't obedience legalism?

Isn't there a new law of Christ?

Shouldn't we keep Sunday in honor of the resurrection?

The Sabbath command speaks of rest but not worship. Is it necessary to go to church on that day?

Wasn't the Sabbath made only for the Jews?

Wasn't the Sabbath only a memorial of deliverance from Egypt?

What day is the Sabbath day?

Loving God with all my heart and my neighbor as myself is the sum of my moral duties and is all I am required to do.

Christ, in fulfilling the moral law, abolished it.

The earth is round—when it is noon here it is midnight on the opposite side of the earth. It is impossible for the Sabbath to be truly kept all over the world.

We are required to keep the spirit of the law but not the letter (Romans 2:29 and 7:6).

From earliest apostolic days, Christians kept Sunday in honor of Christ’s resurrection, as seen in Acts 20:7 and 1 Corinthians 16:2.

The Jews kept the Sabbath as a memorial of Creation, but Christians should keep Sunday in memorial of the resurrection.

Early Christians kept Sunday holy because they came together to break bread on the first day of the week, as in Acts 20:7.

If the seventh day really were the Sabbath, more thought leaders would believe it.

You keep the Sabbath because you say it was kept before the law of Moses. You should also practice circumcision, as it was plainly commanded at that time (Genesis 17:1–14; Galatians 5:1–6).

If you keep the seventh-day Sabbath, you should also keep the seventh year and the year of jubilee.

Aren't sabbath breakers supposed to be stoned? Why don't you enforce that?

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